Monday, June 29, 2009

said the spider to the fly

from 6/28/09 - artist: mom, you know how you hate spiders?

me (getting ready to jump on a chair and shriek, reply with a cautious): yes?

artist: do you hate me?

me: uh, no. why do you ask?

artist: because i'm a spider. (spreads arms and i notice what he is wearing) see, i'm spiderman.

me: aaah, nope. i'm good with that. but don't grow eight legs.

football (groaning): mooooom... spiderman doesn't have eight legs, only two. (shakes head and leaves)

Monday, June 22, 2009

expand your vocabulary

i am not sure when this is from, maybe 2003/2004? - football has been bringing new words into our lives since he started talking. it started with 'me-me' for cat (we think he was trying to say 'meow, meow'). during the years, he has come up with 'bargage' for garbage, 'zoppa' for pizza, and 'van-truck' for an s.u.v. these are words that we use in our everyday vocabuary because of him. :) clever, funny kid!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


from 5/1/09 - artist is feeling better too and asked when he is no longer 'ick-tagious'. :) it made me laugh.

lucky socks

from 5/24/09 - artist knew nana and papa would take them to mcdonald's for breakfast. he was wearing his lucky socks. funny!


from 6/18/09 - children say the funniest things. my artist is exceptionally clever and comes up with some doozies. here's his latest:

we were driving thru a tunnel when bfp honked the car horn to produce an echo. the boys loved that! so at the next tunnel, bfp honked his horn, and rolled down the windows so the boys could hear it better. :) at the next tunnel, bfp honked his horn, rolled down the windows, and let the boys yelled out the window. too much fun!

later we started talking about what an echo was. artist said 'an echo is when it repeats after you. if you say 'hi', it will say 'hello' back.' it was such a funny moment; football, bfp and i all cracked up.

pesky frogs

from 5/29/09 - i am laughing at my poor son, artist. he said 'my eye hurts; i think there's a frog in there'. (you know... because when you have a sore throat, you say 'i have a frog in my throat'? well, he has a frog in his eye.) hahaha. pesky frogs.

funny guy

from 5/18/09 - i just had to share this before i forget it. the other day i was in the car with football and he was making up jokes. i said 'you make me laugh' and he said 'i'm just humoring you mom'. :D it's the corect use of the word 'humor' and yet not.

Friday, June 19, 2009

wise words

from 4/28/08 - here are some wise words from my dear son artist (as he is looking at the clock and it is bedtime but the sun is still shining), 'how can it be nighttime when it is still daytime?' little hooligan! he cracks me up. :)