Thursday, April 8, 2010

school is great, but...

we always tell the boys that school is their job.

when i picked them up from school today, i asked how it was and football replied 'school was great, but i think i would like to try a different job next year'.

:) um... no. sorry kid. you are stuck with this one for a while.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

water drips

artist said 'i've never cried when i was happy before, but sometimes water drips from my eyes.' sorry son, but those 'water drips' are called tears. lol.

save your money

nana and i were talking about her getting braces. cost came up and she said that it was going to be around $10,000 because her insurance wouldn't cover it. football was eavesdropping and was amazed at the amount. 'nana, you should not get braces; they are too expensive. you should save your money and give it to me instead.'

hmmm, i'm not sure he understands the concept of saving. :)